Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Who's famous in Islington?

The problem with Islington is there
is no really iconic picture that
represents the borough
. . . is the question that has been nagging me for the last few days. The question arises because we want to invite a few celebrities to the first or press night of Californian Lives, which is on at the King's Head in the heart of Islingtonia. Well-known faces generate excitement and interest and, assuming the production is good (and it will be, very good...) they will also, we hope, talk / blog / write / tweet and otherwise mention it in the days that follow.

So why limit the search to Islington? Because few popular people will drag themselves halfway  across town to see a play by a writer they have probably never heard of, with a cast they don't know (with the possible exception of Carolyn Gaunt) and directed by someone whose fame does not yet match her talent.

The problem is, that people who are famous, quite reasonably, hide behind fences of agents and lawyers and anonymous addresses, so that a Google search for Islington celebrities comes up with little more than the names of people either born or buried in the borough - which doesn't help in identifying the living. So, if you know of famous personalities who would welcome a couple of free tickets to a well-known small theatre, living in or very near N1, let me know. There will be a reward for any contribution that actually leads to attendance by someone the wider world has heard of . . .

P S: Many thanks to Paul Wingrove of Carshalton who responded so quickly to our appeal for donations for this production - if you can't come to see us, you can follow his example for as little as £2.50, by clicking the link on the right.

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