Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Silver Screen

You're probably expecting my thoughts on Clouds of Grey. Well, I have many, but I'm saving them for posts later in the month. Suffice it say at present that the run appears to be going well. Performances have either been sell-outs or well-attended and, apart from one evening when the co-directors bawled out the whole cast (yes, you guessed it; it was the dreaded second night), I have been congratulated on my performance by directors, friends and strangers alike. So, I'm pleased that my effort is paying off, but I have deeper, darker thoughts that I have yet to express.

There are only three nights left - again I remind you, if you are reading this before 5th February 2013, you can book tickets by clicking the picture in the column on the right.

But the rest of this post will be to alert my fans (all four of you) that the first short film I made - The Players receives its premiere in the short film category at the St Albans Film Festival on Saturday 9th March. The fates have decreed that I won't be there, but if you're in that part of the world, why not drop in and take a look. (Click the logo for details.) It's very short film with a nice twist on a poker game. If you see it, let me know what you think.

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