Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Malice and Humour

I'm a nice guy, according to director Seth Jones. Which means that I'm not vicious enough in the fight sequence. Seth demonstrates the kind of fistblow he wants me to give. I am slightly disturbed by the glint of sadism in his eye - and reassured by his emphasis on safety, making sure that neither I nor my opponent gets hurt. It's the appearance of violence he wants rather than to have his actors hospitalised each night. Advice comes from other actors and I replay the action, this time with sound effects. It seems to work. At least we have another four of days of rehearsal to get it right.

Shortly afterwards, in the same scene, the emphasis changes. Seth wants humour. I provide it. Seth is satisfied. I'm still uncomfortable about the level of malice I have to convey, which reassures me that I am indeed a nice guy, but I'm also aware that this kind of acting has to pull me out of my comfort zone. So, today it's back to the fight scene. I've got a headache and wonder if I'm developing a cold. That's enough to put me in a bad mood - and I'm sure I can use that mood to get closer to the anger and violence that I have to portray.

In the meantime, here's my ugly mug on the outside of the bar / theatre. Don't forget, you can still get tickets at £8.80, including booking fee, by clicking on the link on the right.

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