Friday, 2 November 2012

Grim Faced

Opening my email two days ago I came across a couple of pictures taken by Nurhak Karayol on the set of O Sole Mio, a film I made in September, in which I played bodyguard Mike. I'm not sure how I come across in the film - it is still in post-production - but I was pleasantly surprised to see that through Nurhak's lens I look serious rather than my customary villainous. (Or what do you think from this portrait here?)

I put the pics up on my website and as I was doing so, I realised that almost every picture in the gallery shows me with the same grim expression, the only difference being the clothes I wear for each character. I'm not sure this is good news - it suggests that I have only one basic mode of acting - and honey chile, that just ain't the truth!

So, for variety, I've added one more picture to the gallery, which shows me with eyes and mouth gawping like a credulous frog. You never know, that might be the image that gets me the part in the West End play that gets me noticed by the casting director who recommends me to the Hollywood Giant who calls me in the middle of the night to offer me the role of Judi Dench in Shakespeare on Ice, the 3D Spectacular. But don't hold your breath; it won't happen soon.

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