Sunday, 11 November 2012

Finding Faith

Months ago I spent a l-o-o-o-n-g day in Clapham as an extra on a Paloma Faith music video - 30 Minute Love Affair. I got paid and then forgot about it until three days ago when an article on the singer in the New Yorker reminded me I had once said hello to her. So I went online, looked up YouTube and found this:

It's a pleasant number nostalgically shot in a nightclub where singer Paloma and the pianist eye each other across the gulf of late-night punters and high-kicking burlesque dancers. If you don't blink around the 1 minute 9 second mark, you can see yours truly with a wispy beard quaffing some drink. And if you're paying attention around the 2.14 and 2.22 marks you can see the rear of my round head punctuated by my sticking out ears.

My only quibble (apart from why doesn't the video feature more of me?! me?! me?!) is why does the video start and finish with Ms Faith entering and leaving a gay porn shop? (If you're a gay Londoner, you probably know exactly where in Soho the shop stands.) A minor point; the music draws you in, the images transport you into a dream world appropriate to the song. Watch and enjoy

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  1. A fascinating novel about sticking out ears: