Sunday, 29 July 2012

Time to rest

It went well, the final day of Loss. We had our biggest audiences and our best performances. Genuine fulsome praise was forthcoming, particularly for Barry Clarke and Robin Holden, who were excellent in their roles. (Yes, the praise was genuine; we're actors and we know when other people are putting on a performance and when they are not.)

That doesn't mean that everything went perfectly. There were problems with lights. The theatre wasn't full. My own performance was better than last time but nowhere as good as it should be. There were no reviewers. The agents who had said they would turn up did not do so. The candles I had to light on stage were determined not to be lit. And so on and so on. But yesterday confirmed that these four short plays are a good base for future productions and we would be betraying our own talents if we did not take them further in one form or another.

That will not be in the immediate future. I'm in need of a rest from things theatrical and I expect to spend August on the clear-out of my flat that I have been promising myself for the last four years. Of course I will still audition for roles and there is some work I have to do on my website and this blog (the heading announcing Loss will go in the next couple of days), but for the next few weeks my posts are more likely to be telegraphic than narrative.

In the meantime, profuse thanks to Barry, Robin, Chris Annus and Emma King-Fowler, all of whose enthusiasm for and participation in this project helped me find depths in my writing and acting that I did not know existed. I genuinely (that word again, but it's an important one) hope to work with you all again.

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