Friday, 20 July 2012

Not much, too much

A short post today, because there is not much to report. I have been rehearsing Angel at home, at director Emma's home, and in my head as I walk the streets on various errands. I have also spent time at the Lord Stanley with Chris Annus on his rehearsal of A Sense of Loss. This morning I will be back at the theatre for two dress rehearsals of Angel and this afternoon I will finish printing the programmes and tickets for tomorrow's all day productions: two runs each of A Sense of Loss, Angel and Ben and Joe's. In other words, it's all routine and nothing newsworthy.

At the same time, not much is too much. I have had little time to rest and do all the other things that make life enjoyable and interesting - in particular the bookselling business is at a standstill, with sales low and stacks of volumes surrounding me waiting to be catalogued (not quite as many as in the picture). I may be able to act and run a part-time business, but producing even a small event like Loss demands too much time and the business suffers...

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