Friday, 15 June 2012

Loss: four new one-act plays

We have finally started to promote "Loss - four new one-act plays by Martin Foreman". They will be performed on 14th, 21st and 28th July at the Lord Stanley Theatre in Camden, London, as part of the 2012 Solo Festival of one-man / one-woman shows.

My four pieces all derive from short stories that were published in my collections A Sense of Loss and First and Fiftieth. Angel, which I perform, is about a priest forced to confront his faith and his sexuality. A Sense of Loss, with Chris Annus, tells the story of Death in Venice from Tadzio's point of view. Ben and Joe's, with Barry Clarke, tells of a group of men in a bar whose lives are changed when a young stranger comes in. Finally, Los Feliz, with Robin Holden, is about a man separated from his wife and child, who meets the woman who comes to mean everything to him.

We're all excited by this mini-season and believe that the plays will have a significant impact on audiences and - we hope - our careers. Two of the plays will be performed on Saturday 14th, all four on Saturday 21st, and three on Saturday 28th. Tickets range from £7 for one play to £20 for all four. Details of times, plus more information on the plays and the biographies of the actors, can be seen at and I will regularly update and promote the event on this blog.

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