Wednesday, 7 May 2014

As Time Goes By . . .

There are many reasons to dislike growing old, but one of the worst in my view is the speed with which days, weeks, months and seasons rush by. Last week the Other Half and I were in Richmond Park walking under some oak trees. He looked down for acorns, remembering when we had picked bundles of them on a walk through Northaw Great Wood. That felt like only the week before, but actually, it was six months ago.

I bring the subject up because it has suddenly hit me that my next production opens in just over two months' time and I hadn't started the publicity drive. So in the last couple of days I have been finalising designs for the leaflet (yes, I changed the wording of the strapline from "love" to "obsession"), writing the press release, which is now online here, and coming up with more pictures.

Not only do I have to promote the production of Desire and Pursuit at the Etcetera Theatre in London in July, but I have to get my ass into gear, as the North Americans so poetically put it, to promote the Edinburgh Fringe run the month. I have to do all that in addition to running my book business, spending some time promoting the No Vote in the upcoming Scottish referendum (a Scot by birth, accent and family home, I'm definitely not a fan of separatism, narrow nationalism or the individuals who lead the separatist campaign). It will be time-consuming, frustrating and tiring, as all theatre promotion is, but I believe that with our previous productions we are managing to build up a head of steam that will see an even bigger audience come to our run at the Etcetera Theatre - if you come, don't hesitate to say hello.

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