Monday, 10 December 2012

Me and Vinnie Jones

Seth Jones, writer, director and, I begin to think, stage manager and all-round gofer for Clouds of Grey, has been in touch with the cast regarding our costumes for the photo shoot on Wednesday. My attire - and, I suspect, my character - are based on that scrotum-squeezing pride or pariah of the football field, Vinnie Jones. The same VJ, of course, who later appeared in several films, most notably in the Cockney caper Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

When up for the part of Steve Marks, your neighbourhood thug, I had imagined myself as Bob Hoskins, wearing a semi-stylish trench coat, perhaps topped by a trilby. Jonesy, however, has decided to dress Mr Marks in the leather jacket and white shirt as modelled by his namesake in the picture here - neither of which I own. And so our director is either going to rifle through his own wardrobe, or that of his flatmate / landlord / neighbour, or actually buy the items of clothing under discussion. I look forward to donning them on Wednesday.

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